My Pal Splendid Man




Will Jones is an aspiring writer with a love of literature who doesn't get out much. Splendid Man is the most powerful being in the universe who has very little time to himself. But when they become pals, Will tutors Splendid Man in the fine arts while Splendid Man helps Will meet girls, introduces him to his costumed colleagues, and takes him on jaunts through space and time. See what happens when Splendid Man whisks Will off to visit the ancient library of Alexandria...when Will talks Splendid Man out of a profound funk after they see a movie version of his life that portrays him as a dark, modern hero...and when the most powerful teenage girl in the cosmos develops a crush on our bookish protagonist. Through it all, Splendid Man harbors a dark secret--will his new pal ever learn the truth? In sixteen interconnected short stories, with humor both affectionate and absurd, veteran satirists and comic-book writers Jacobs and Jones portray a collision of the very fantastic and the very ordinary as only they can.