Philip K. Dick

The Dream Connection


Attention all you Philophiles and Dickheads: If you enjoy the writings of the late, great Philip K. Dick, then this Atomic Drop Press Book is for you.

"A very  impressive must-read for serious PKD readers. Reading the interview, you get the uncanny sensation that you're sitting in the room rapping with PKD himself."

                                              Science Fiction Chronicle

This exceptional anthology includes over eight hours of interviews with noted science fiction author Philip K. Dick, including the most complete and personal account of his March, 1974 "mystical experiences," plus numerous supplementary essays, including Robert Anton Wilson on PKD's mystical experiences, R. Faraday Nelson on collaborating with PKD, a rarely-seen short story in which PKD fictionalizes his mystical experiences, and much more.

"Hands down the most joyous and entertaining book on Philip K.    Dick."

Lawrence Sutin, author of

                                             Divine Invasions: A Life of Philip K. Dick