The Beaver Papers

30th Anniversary Edition




It's the return of the humor classic after three decades. Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones ask the question, what if the world's great writers had joined forces to save the iconic sitcom Leave It to Beaver from cancellation in 1963? Their answer: the world would have been treated to The Beaver of Wrath (John Steinbeck), Waiting for Wally (Samuel Beckett), Cries and Beavers (Ingmar Bergman), Welcome to the Beaverhouse (Kurt Vonnegut), The Beaver Zone (Rod Serling), and 20 other bizarre reinventions of the wholesome Cleaver Clan. Along with the script treatments, Jacobs and Jones give us glimpses of the hilarious behind-the-scenes events of that unforgettable "summer of the Beaver." The fruits of the "Lost Season" have been harvested at last...again.