The Beaver Papers 2

The Fall of the Beaver


For decades, Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones's The Beaver Papers has been the only published chronicle of how the world's literary, artistic, and intellectual communities rose up in a doomed crusade to stop the cancellation of the iconic sitcom Leave It to Beaver. Now, at long last, it can be revealed that the story did not end that day in 1963 when ABC TV finally pulled the Cleaver family's plug. In The Beaver Papers 2: The Fall of the Beaver, Jacobs and Jones detail the heroic quest of the Beaver cast to find a new home for their heroic show, a quest that led them through the darkest corner of the TV, movie, theater, and even comic book industries. Along the way they present twenty-five new Leave It to Beaver scripts as if written by world-renowned authors, including J.D. Salinger (The Beaver in the Rye), H.P. Lovecraft (The Mayfield Horror), Flannery O'Connor (A Good Beaver is Hard to Find), Vladimir Nabokov (Pale Beaver), and Ayn Rand (Cleaver Shrugged). If The Beaver Papers demonstrated just how dubious the distinction if between literature and popular culture, The Beaver Papers 2 positively obliterates it.